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[SOLVED] – KLM/KMZ to GPX – Namespace prefix ‘xsi’ not declared

I was trying to convert my Google Earth places (saved in KLM format) to GPX. Anything I tried was complaining that the XML is incorrect (Namespace prefix ‘xsi’ not declared).

It turns out that my KML file had a line like this:

<Folder xsi:schemaLocation=””>

In order to fix the missing namespace we need to declare this a the beginning of the file. Open the file with any text editor and add

xmlns:xsi=”” to the kml tag.

<kml xmlns=”″ xmlns:gx=”″ xmlns:kml=”″ xmlns:atom=””>

will become:

<kml xmlns=”″ xmlns:gx=”″ xmlns:kml=”″ xmlns:atom=”” xmlns:xsi=””>

Now the XML is valid and you can convert to any format.