[SOLVED] – Panasonic Lumix Time Lapse (TZ40, GH3)

Panasonic TZ40I love my Panasonic TZ40 camera, but once I tried to do a time lapse shot of a flower I have realized this functionality is not there.

I have tried the “Panasonic Image App” but that did not included this feature, which is silly since all the functionalities are there.

Searching the net I couldn’t find any app or API that will solve this problem, so I thought this would be a nice challenge for me 🙂

Using the ios app I have sniffed the TCP traffic between the phone and the camera and was able to understand the underlaying API.

Which this information I have put together a small page that can be used to create time lapse images. I have successfully tested this with my Panasonic TZ40, but should work with other models as well, sich as GH3)

Since I did not had much time (I am busy being a new dad for 2 weeks now :)) the page is very basic, but I would appreciate is anyone would come up with a better design. I am considering an iOS app as well if there is demand for it.

So how it works:

Step 1:
While you still have internet access on your mobile, desktop, or any device visit this page:


Don’t click start since we are not connected to the camera.

Step 2:
Now connect your device (ie. mobile) to the camera via WIFI. At this step you can start using the Panasonic Image App, set the desired settings (ie. zoom, focus).

Step 3:
Switch to the mobile browser on your mobile/desktop and now you can click “Start”. An image will be taken every 10 seconds. You can adjust the interval as you wish.

I have not tried to see when the mobile device will go into sleep mode if you don’t interact with it. If this happens you can set a higher time or disable this feature while you are making the time lapse (you can even use your desktop 🙂 ). Ideally we can create a native app that will trigger the shoots from the background.

Now for the more technical focused guys, this is what I have learned by looking at the API.

When you connect a device to the camera the camera will have this IP address:

Using you browser you can find all supported command by the camera:

Here are a few command with some explanation: – current state – set auto focus and facedetection  = recording mode  =  play mode – take picture – take a picture with focus on a given coordinate  – stop recording video – start recording video – zoom in – zoom in – zoom in – zoom in – stop zoon – start video stream on the specified port

The stream is a MJPEG video over UDP.



5 Responses to [SOLVED] – Panasonic Lumix Time Lapse (TZ40, GH3)

  1. This is AWESOME – and just what I’ve been searching for all weekend (but couldn’t find). Thank you. Shame there’s no author name for the credit 🙁

  2. Jose says:

    Thanks a lot, an app would be nice.

  3. Jack Benzel says:

    I love taking 2-3 hr time lapses of sunsets but leaving my iPhone 6+ on the roof is a pain. Anyone know the battery life for using the camera in this way? Could I charge it from a USB power brick? If these things are doable, I would pay several dollars for an iOS app!

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