API AlgaeFix and shrimps (CRS) survival rate

For some reason, maybe too much light, suddenly I had an outburst of algae. It looked like green hair algae (correct me if I am wrong) and the water got full of floating algae strings.

In desperation, I changed most of the water, but the algae persisted. I went to an aquarium fish shop, and the specialist gave me API Algae Fix with the instructions to add 14 drops per 40 liters. I have to admit I read the label which states it should be used with shrimps but since the “specialist” advised, I still added to the tank.

Green Hair AlgaeAlgae FixFloating Algae in Fluval Edge aquarium

Big mistake 🙂 As the drops got into the water on of the shrimp’s jump and landed onto his head. That was its’ last jump 🙁 Since then from 7 aduItshrimps I had just 4 survived, but this is just after a week since I used the AlgaeFix. So fingers crossed that the remaining ones will survive.

api-algaefix-118mlShrimp carrying eggs

On the other hand, the shrimps just had babies (some eggs can be seen even on the image), I saw quite many small ones, but after the algae fix all of them disappeared, I assume they are all dead 🙁

Did the API AlgaeFix work? I have to admit it did. The algae died, and my tank is nice and clean again. So if you don’t have shrimps, it is a good product to be used. If you have shrimps, use alternative methods since it’s NOT SAFE FOR INVERTEBRATES. Right on the bottle, it says “Do not use in a tank with crustaceans, crabs, lobsters or shrimp“.

Since then I reduced the lighting period to max 10hours a day and tried to add some CO2 as well.

Do you have algae in the aquarium? Or maybe do you have some shrimps you might want to get rid of? Let me know 🙂



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