Jira Filter+ adds a user filter to the Scrum or Kanban board

This feature is now natively integrated into Jira. Give it a spin, you will love it!

Agile is the facto standard these days in software development (and other industries too), and I spend most of my mornings attending scrum meetings.

In the meeting area, we have a large screen with the Jira Scrum or Kanban board opened and each developer will take their turn and give an update based on the tickets opened on the board.

With lots of developers and many tickets, the board becomes very busy, and it is very difficult to identify your tickets in the haystack.

While you can view your tickets, Jira doesn’t have a feature to dynamically add a quick filter with all the users that have tickets on the board. This is the case when a browser extension can come handy. We already used a similar solution successfully internally, so I thought I will write a browser extension and make it publicly available to help other as well navigate easier through the tickets.

This extension will improve the usability of Jira’s user interface by adding a new “Filter by user” on a Scrum or Kanban board. Now with one click, you can have a quick and clear overview what tickets you or anyone else has assigned and in what state they are.

Give it a try by installing the extension (Chrome browser).

If it happens to save a lot’s of time for your scrum team, please share with me.

Csaba is passionate about Cyber Security, Pentesting and just making things work.

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