[SOLVED] Xiaomi Xiao Yi Ant HOME CN12 – This camera can only be used in China ( –

Xiaomi Xiao Yi Ant HOME – This camera can only be used in China

[UPDATE] added instruction for latest firmware ver.

Recently I bought a Xiaomi Xiao Yi (IP) camera (also known as Yi Home), Chinese version. The camera looks nice, the picture quality is ok, and worked fine on my local Wifi.

Xiaomi Xiao Yi Ant HOME

However, I was unfortunate enough to receive and test the camera when Xiaomi decided to deny access from the iOS app to the camera outside of China (error 5400). I was hoping a firmware upgrade would solve this issue so I have upgraded from to Now my camera was useless. The camera would say “This camera can only be used in China” and would shut down.

This was the tipping point when I have decided I will investigate what’s happening with this camera and what can be done to make it functional again. At the time of writing the remote access (error 5400) has been solved by the provider so no additional action is required. (I tried to convert a CN camera to international one by changing the serial of the device, but couldn’t test from a European or US IP and probably I would have needed access to the system files  of a functional international camera to compare)

So the remaining issue was the camera shut down with the latest firmware (tested with and

If you do a search there are heaps of websites describing how you can gain access to the camera and ultimately enable remote access via telnet. I won’t get into those details, you can check some of the websites I listed below.

Once you logged into the camera via telnet the fun part begins.  The camera is running a Linux version.

# uname -a
Linux (none) 3.0.8 #1 Wed Apr 30 16:56:49 CST 2014 armv5tejl GNU/Linux

This is familiar territory, we can check what processes are running, log files, the /home directory and we can mess around with the system. I have to mention this is for educational purposes only and you can easily brick your camera.

Back to the “This camera can only be used in China” message. So if you look carefully in the log file “/tmp/log.txt” at some point you will see the forbidden.g726 sound being played and not long before that there is an API call to the mothership to check if your device is allowed to run on not. With this call, the camera sends your IP automatically so there is not much to be done about that.

[/home/cloud][4/29/22:51:48:52]: req_info=https://api.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/check_did?hmac= danger danger danger danger danger%3D&seq=9
&uid= danger danger danger dangerXX&timestamp=4294938554

Now the nice thing about this is that we can fake the response from the server in many different ways.

1. You set up a proxy to be used and the proxy will change the reply from “allow”: false to true.  The certificate on the camera can be changed so you can set up a valid proxy for https request for a man in the middle attack. (/home/ca.crt). Possible but too complicated and you need a proxy running.

2. You can set up a fake response on the camera via the local HTTP server and redirect (see point 3 😉 ) the check_did call to this file. (/home/web/response.json -> {“allow”:true,”code”:”20000″}). Again possible but not really needed.

3. And finally, we got to the solution. In the log files, we saw that /home/cloud is responsible for checking the permission for our device. This is a binary file and we can check what calls are made from this file:

# strings /home/cloud | grep http
http://log.xiaoyi.com/info.gif?p=home_v1&sysVersion=%s&mac=(lots' of other details)
%s -c 311 -url https://api.xiaoyi.cox/v4/ipc/check_did -uid %s -keySec %s
%s -c 139 -keySec %s -url https://api.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/reset -uid %s -version %s -mac %s
%s -c 138 -key %s -keySec %s -url https://api.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/on_line -uid %s 
-version %s -mac %s -packetloss %d -p2pconnect %d -p2pconnect_success %d -tfstat %d
%s -c 136 -url http://api.xiaoyi.com/v2/ipc/sync_time
(yes, the camera logs and sends everything back to xiaomi)

Now if we change the call check_did to our local file mentioned above that would make /home/cloud happy and the camera will run. Luckily /home/cloud will lock your device just if the remote server replied with “allow”: false. Now, all we need to do is to block that call or break/invalidate that URL (ie. DNS error).


# ps | grep /home/watch_process | grep -v "grep" | awk '{print $1}' | xargs kill -9
# ps | grep /home/cloud | grep -v "grep" | awk '{print $1}' | xargs kill -9
# sed -i  's|api.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/check_did|api.xiaoyi.cox/v4/ipc/check_did|g' /home/cloud
# reboot

First commands will kill watch_process so it doesn’t restart other processes.
The second command will stop the cloud service, so we can change the file.
The third one will change the text in the binary file. It will change com to cox which will invalidate the URL and will not return the allow: false message anymore.

Once the camera reboots it will be functional just as before you upgraded to the latest firmware. In case anything goes wrong just install a fresh, unmodified firmware.

Drop me a line if this worked for you!

Update: Read the comments for CNxx160622 hardware with FW or

Serial port connection to the camera explained in this video (credit to fedeant): and problem solved by JonesChi:

I wrote a scrip to make the camera work again outside China. Download the file, and decompress it to root of SD card. http://diy.2pmc.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/hack_yi.tar.gz

If your device’s FW is, you just need to insert the SD card into your camera, and it will hack your device automatically, when it finished, the camera will reboot automatically, then your camera is free.

If your device’s FW is, you need to connect your camera via serial port to get console, then insert the SD card into your camera, when you see the command prompt, just type “/tmp/sd/hack_yi.sh”, then your camera is free.

If you are using the latest firmware, controsensi updated the script above to support this. The file name that needs to be uploaded to the SD card has changed to equip_test.sh and the location of the home directory in the script has changed as well. The rest seems to be functioning the same way.

Create this file on the SD card and reboot your camera. It should work without the annoying restriction message. controsensi’s full solution is described here.



# JonesChi's script.
# Modified by halnovemila (HalEx) to work on CN12 model

sdcarddir=`dirname $0 | sed -n 's/\/test//p'`

echo "Current dir= ${testdir}" >> $logfile
echo "SDcard dir= ${sdcarddir}" >> $logfile
cat /home/version >> $logfile
echo "========== LIST OF /home ============" >> $logfile
ls -l /home >> $logfile

if [ -f /home/cloudAPI_real ]
   echo "Already hacked ${timestamp}" >> $logfile
   echo "Start hacking ${timestamp}" >> $logfile
   cp /home/cloudAPI $sdcarddir/cloudAPI.bak
   mv /home/cloudAPI /home/cloudAPI_real
   cp $sdcarddir/cloudAPI /home/cloudAPI
   echo "Done hacking ${timestamp}" >> $logfile
   # fix bootcycle
   mv $testdir/equip_test.sh $testdir/equip_test.sh.moved

# Once the script is executed the boot process is halted,
# nothing else will be executed.
# Therefore if the hack has been already applied
# and this script executed,
# the camera will not complete the boot process
# and will seem like if it's not working.

Some websites to check to see how you can enable the remote access (telnet/nc):


– Peter

Csaba is passionate about Cyber Security, Pentesting and just making things work.

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  • Hi I ordered this camera recently (Apr 28) from ali express. When i received the camera I was told by seller to downgrade the firmware and i did that but it never connects and always fails at the QR scanning step and tell me to reset it. So the only time i was able to have it work was using the latest firmware ( and chinese app (not updated) but it connects for a second and then i get the message saying this camera can only be used in China. Seems like you have the solution but instructions arent clear can you please tell me how to use Telnet to modify the camera code? or how you got it to work? According to the supplier i am doomed and i wont get a refund. Thanks looking forward to your reply.

    • In order to get telnet access you can follow the instructions from here:

      In a nutshell:
      Connect the memory card to a computer via a card reader
      Create a directory named “test” on the sdcard root
      Edit file X:\test\equip_test.sh with notepad or your favorite text editor.
      Add this content:

      # Telnet
      if [ ! -f "/etc/init.d/S88telnet" ]; then
      echo "#!/bin/sh" > /etc/init.d/S88telnet
      echo "telnetd &" >> /etc/init.d/S88telnet
      chmod 755 /etc/init.d/S88telnet
      dr=`dirname $0`
      # fix bootcycle
      mv $dr/equip_test.sh $dr/equip_test.sh.moved

      Safetly detach sdcard, put it into your camera, it will reboot twice.

      The login details are:
      User: root
      Password: 1234qwer

      Once you have access you can follow the steps in the SOLUTION section on this page.

      • The problem is that with the last Q firmware, the camera seems to completely ignore any script.

      • Is there an easy way to set the time so it can adjust automatically based on daylight saving time or not?

      • Is there a way to altogether block it from checking for a firmware update? In the app it will randomly pop up and say there is a firmware update available and if you accidentally click the button it screws everything up and goes back to Chinese and has to be flashed all over again. Im running Chinese camera flashed with a custom English and also cannot seem to get the time stamp working properly. Is there a unix command to change the time when logged in through telnet or what? Ive tried some other fixes online but had no luck getting the time right.

    • I have the same issue. when I downgrade my Yi camera firmware, it will have failure connecting to my WIFI, having the error “Wi-Fi password invalid”. But when I install the latest firmware, it will connect to my Wifi but have the error “Not to be use outside china”

      Previous firmware that can enable Telnet, cannot connect to wifi. The latest firmware that can connect to wifi not able to enable the Telnet.

      Hope someone can help to advise.

      • Use the previous firmware to enable telnet. Than from the mobile app upgrade the firmware on your camera. Telnet access should be still active.
        If you wifi is not working try to reset the camera and connect to wifi again.

      • same as me. now new lot of can it have problem WiFi password error for firmware 1.8.5

    • @DIY Thanks for the work. Have you tested this procedure with the latest firmware I tried both upgrading from the app or download it to the sd card then reset the cam. In both cases when I got the prompt “cannot be used outside China”, the camera shut off automatically and telnet got rejected. How to get telnet to work to do the trick?

      • @WonderMan I just solved my Yi Ants on version (latest) with this description and it works, after it said that the camera can be only used in China I still was bale to telnet into it as described and was able to execute the commands and now it is finally working for me, only still struggeling with RTSP…

        @DIY thanks I can confirm it is also working in software version!

    • Dear, does your camera work now ? i have one since a year and working flawlessly.

  • When I typed in the command

    sed -i ‘s|https://api.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/check_did|https://api.xiaoyi.cox/v4/ipc/check_did|g’

    It complains “sed -i” missing argument

  • Hi,I have a CN version but i wrote to contact support in Poland and They send me a file – home and home.bin of international version for YI. I try to upgrade firmware to use with Google Play version of app but not work. Is there a solution? The app from GP is much better – some stuff from motion detection etc.

    • If the camera is the CN version the international firmware will not work. However MiHome iOS app is in english so there is no drama using that. The camera itself has motion detection, so it does not matter what app you are using on your phone. For now, until someone manages to convert a CN version to international one, stick to the CN firmware.

      • Ok my works with CN firmware and CN app. But International version with Goggle Play app have a motion detection section to mark and have a Sensivity Level – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNhWKRzhWes

        • Daniel-from-Germany

          I dont understand why the CN version app (not from google play store) is different from the xiaomi/Mi store version.

          Why is it not possible to manipulate the eu/international Firmware to run on a CN device?

          Greetings by Daniel-from-Germany

          • Exactly my thought also! Someone should be able to reverse engineer that part of the code….just like with the CN version of the Xiaomi mobile phones to run Global ROM.

            Anyone up for the challenge? 🙂

  • Excellent work ! It works perfectly with the new firmware.
    At the beginning, I have difficulty to enter the solution command because the third line is too long and not able to read the end part of the command.

    I have to do a cut and paste the whole solution section to a text editor in order to see the complete command.

    Thanks a lot for sharing !!

  • I have put the sd card back to the Yi camera and power on it. But the camera stuck at orange light.
    It does not reboot twice as mentioned above. What step did i miss?

    • If it’s flashing you need to connect to your wifi using the mobile app.

      • Hi I have a similar problem, the orange light is stuck on

        after i flash it, the light will flash orange a few times for a few minutes
        after i assume the firmware is updated, it blinks orange very fast for a second then stays orange

        AT no point in the process does it make any sound. Pressing the reset button does nothing now

        All this device ever does is stay orange…

  • It’s work!!! Thank you I am using

  • However, Lost the RTSP Support! I can only telnet to it!
    Any fix?

    • I haven’t seen RTSP to be released for the latest version yet. If you need rtsp stick to an older version.

    • i have found a way to add RTSP to firmware. For that i needed FTP and telnet access to the yi camera. In my case both FTP and telnet were enabled after updating my yi camera. what i did was the following:

      1 download (RTSP enable script) from http://xiaoyi.querex.be/
      2 unpack to your harddisk
      3 open an FTP connection to your Yi camera (username root, no pass)
      4 copy rtspsvrM (from to /home/rtspsvr
      5 open a telnet connection to your Yi (username: root, password: 1234qwer)
      6 in the telnet session type (without the “#”):
      # chmod 0775 /home/rtspsvr
      # chown 1001:1001 /home/rtspsvr
      # reboot

      wait about a minute for the Yi camera to boot and now open rtsp:// with VLC on your PC

      • You should of course change in the URL to the correct IP address of your own Yi camera.

        • Hi Skelch

          Thanks for the clear instructions – tried to follow it but cannot open a RTSP stream from my camera (CN version, fw
          I placed the rtspsvrM file in the HOME directory and renamed to “rtspsvr”, and I can see the correct rights and owner has been set.
          Any ideas?


      • Gracias a mi me funciono.-

  • Hello there, the trick provided enabled me to use the cam on the latest fw, however, it seems that the camera losts conectivity with cloud after few minutes after booting up 🙁
    Did anyone encounter this on the Any solution?

    • I am using the latest firmware ( No issues here, can access the camera via the cloud.

    • Update — I followed the instructions, rolled back to a previous version ( from http://xiaoyi.querex.be, along with the RTSP/Telnet script), let it flash, then re-flashed the official firmware (which is the only one that seems to allow connection to wifi). Immediately, telnet was there. I logged in and ran the commands in THE SOLUTION, which ultimately modified the URL check service. All is working… I will never get those past few hours of my life back, but at least this input may help someone else.


  • It’s works!. I’m version. Big Thanks!

  • Your sed command has double space after sed – i. After deleted extra space, I can execute the command. Thanks for the guide 🙂

    Btw, my Yi ant only available in same Wifi network. If I remotely view via Yi Home android app, I cannot connect (only shows 5%), the workaround is to use MI Home instead of Yi Home.

    • I also have this issue after upgrade my internet to VDSL, and at the same time, I install new mi home to v3.9 Now, I can load live view only when I reset the camera and setup a new connection. Other than that, it stucks at 5% every time.

  • I have no idea how to telnet this camera. Could someone tell me how to do it?

  • Many Thanks for your work, work perfectly.

  • It’s nice if you could make this for Yi smart camera 2, I just update OTA then it’s not outside China. Thank you.

  • These instructions worked perfectly!
    Out of my 5 Xiaoyi cameras, two were China models and once upgrading the the current latest firmware ( spoke the dreaded China only message…

    Following the instructions above worked perfectly – thanks !

  • thanks for the guide! It save me! I ‘m on firmware and i’ve got “… only used within china”: with “the solution” now all works, even the notification popup (it didn’t work on previous firmware!)
    Only one thing: it’s possible setup motion detection sensibility? It only works sometimes and I don’t understand why

  • Ok I found the IP adress but cannot connect with telnet.
    When I plug the sd card the cam stays with yellow led lit and doesn’t reboot twice.
    If someone could help me.

  • Hi! I have the same problem, but with a Yi Home Camera 2 1080p,the new model.

    I event can’t pair it the first time, and I has no telnet access. I Managed the cam connect to the wifi, blue fixed light,but the phone app timeout.

    Some ideas

  • Hi,

    I have find a solution, i manage to pair my camera in 1.8.6B which it told me cannot to be use outside china and it was impossible to downgrade due to the newer hardware.

    So, try to upgrade with this upgrade and solve yous problems : https://bisschopst.stackstorage.com/index.php/s/TuyR1JO8qBoNQpB/download?path=%2F1.8.6.1B&files=%5B%221861B.01.zip%22%5D

    Let’s it 😉

  • Hi Krikri!

    Great! It works fine! I can connect to the cam with the latest revision of the app.

    Thank you very much.

  • You could run the international firmware in a camera of China ?, could you investigating?

  • Is there like a pre-cracked firmware patch I could just apply. I have no experience with linux.

    • That’s it, Alex. From 4PDA.ru


      Just update to this firmware and you’re go to go… it’s for Xiaomi Yi 720p Night mode…

      • Gustavo….is it just do upgrade with this version?

        • Yes, this is a pre patched version, here i just installed and used with no problem. Pairing, no “within china”, etc

          • Gus is there a later version? is out. Wondering if there’s a patched version of this for download

          • Nope, 4PDA.RU is where this patched version came, nothing new until now…

          • this isn’t a pre patched version, because only M+ firmwares versions need to be patched, the one listed is inferior !

      • Thank you Gustavo!

        I’ve been struggling the whole day, trying different methods, and only yours works, and works like a charm! It’s fantastic to hear, after updating to your firmware, Russian music playing during boot. lol.

        FYI to anyone interested, I’m outside China, and ordered my Xiaomi Yi 720p Night mode directly from an authorised Xiaomi Reseller in China. It’s probably the latest hardware, and the stock firmware was Yes, the s/n has CN in it.

        Thanks again for sharing this wonderful piece of work!

        • Alan,

          Can you scan the QR code on the back of camera? What is the latest 6 digits on the SN? Is it between Nov, 2015 and April, 2016? I think the latest HW version after April 2016 would not allow to downgrade the firmware.

      • Gustavo,

        Do you have access to 4pda.ru? Can you help to download and share the following file?


  • I tried krikri home file and it says latest but do get promoted to update still,even though camera setting say latest. Hope this gets fully cracked. Anyway to adjust detection sensitivity?

  • How to get into telnet? can someone give complete tutorial?

    • Go to command console in windows, terminal in Linux/Mac os, and write: telnet 192.168.x.x (ip camera), then user: root, password: 1234qwer

  • How about yi small ants home camera 2 aka 1080p?!
    i’ve got same problem after upgrade but this tutrial didn’t solve my problem..
    camera still said “only can use with in China”..

    help me please..!!

    Note: before updated pairing succeed and monitoring runs well..

    thanks before

    • I had the same problem.
      This is the solution, you have to downgrade, lower this firmware
      copy it on sd card (no more than 32gb) format in fat32, copy the file you downloaded to the root of the memory and rename the file to (home.bin)
      turn on the camera, reset the camera, turn it off, insert and turn on the camera memora

      You will start to read the memory and takes about a minute.

      And then just register it normally should work.


      • Dear Vic

        Thanks it works

        Greets Wilko

      • Hi Vic,

        I followed your instructions and upgraded/downgraded firmware. I don’t know on which firmware i was earlier because I would always get fail to load error. However, after following above instructions and pairing process I am still getting ‘Fail to Load’ error. But this time i noticed after removing my sd card that even though i got the error camera was recording. Please suggest anyway to successfully pair the devices. Could it be because I am using an older version( of the chinese app?

      • The newest model ignores the home.bin. It ignores it like it would ignore an international firmware. Maybe they blocked downgrading now? Series 2 camera (1080p)

        • I am in the same boat as you now… I really don’t understand why the international version has to double the price from China… but not the 4k action camera.

  • How you change serial number in xiaomi smart home camera?

    • It is possible, but just updating the serial will not make the camera international. Other information needs to be overwritten as well. (I did not had time to figure it out).

      • Hi DIY,

        did you figure out how to change the serial number? Just can’T make the cameras work in germany. Need to change it to the internation version, i guess.

        But i have one international camera in use that works perfectly, so if you like to, you can have telnet access to it if you write me an email.

        • There is a way to update the serial number which I managed to do but there were other files that had to be updated as well. Since I did not had an international version I could not copy over the files. Basically all files on the Chinese version could be overwritten and then flash the serial number.

  • Im on for xiaomi 720P nightvision.
    How do you disable update notification?
    I once click update by mistake.

  • I can confirm that Firmware works fine with the telnet mod.

    • Oh, and I updated via the IOS app from “K” to “C”.
      Right after the update I got the message: This camera is only for China …
      Just follow the steps below and your cam will soon work on newest firmware.

      1. Type “terminal” in Spotlight search window (OSX only, ie Mac).
      2. Type: “telnet 192.168.1.xx” (your Ants cam IP, check the IP in your router)
      3. Login: “root”
      4. Password: “qwer123”
      5. Type these commands from the top of this page, one by one:
      # ps | grep /home/watch_process | grep -v “grep” | awk ‘{print $1}’ | xargs kill -9
      # ps | grep /home/cloud | grep -v “grep” | awk ‘{print $1}’ | xargs kill -9
      # sed -i ‘s|api.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/check_did|api.xiaoyi.cox/v4/ipc/check_did|g’ /home/cloud
      # reboot
      6. Now you should be up and running 🙂

      • I also upgraded it to the latest firmware via the android app. But I can no longer telnet after that and got this error:

        telnet: Unable to connect to remote host

        Any help is appreciated.

        • Double check that the file name “equip_test.sh” is not changed in the test folder on your microSDHC card.

          The file name will change if the file has been “executed” in the camera to:

          Then you must rename it back to: equip_test.sh (otheriwse it will not run the next time you reboot the camera).

          It could also be that it is not enough to reboot the camera (toggle power). Maybe you have to reset camera by pressing a pin for 8-10 seconds on the reset button.

          Try it out and report back 😉

          • Great thanks. Yes that was the problem. After renaming the file back to equip_test.sh, I was able to telnet then changed /home/cloud and got it to work.

          • Please advice…
            no good in linux..

            How to chk the time zone to GMT+8 ?.

            # date
            Sat Jul 2 20:42:24 GMT 2016 <– camera show this time..by right is 01:42:xx.
            # date -u
            Sun Jul 3 01:42:30 UTC 2016

      • Password may also be: “1234qwer”
        Try it!

  • Make sure to download and follow the instructions here to enable telnet, FTP, RTSP and HTTP:


    RTSP will only work for firmware versions, unless you modify test/equip_test.sh (with a text editor). Edit lines 50,53 and 57 to enable rtsp on firmware:

    versionLetter=`sed -n ‘s/version=\(.\)_.*/\1/p’ /home/version` #line 50, changed to

    case $versionLetter in
    A|B|M|N) file=’M’ #line 53, added A, B
    J|K|L) file=’K’
    E|F|H|I) file=’I’ #line57, removed B
    *) file=’None’

    You can also choose to enable RTSP with a command after you have gained telnet access (do not type #):
    # cp /tmp/hd1/test/rtspsvrM /home/rtspsvr

    • Did you get it to work with For me, the rtspsvr process died whenever I tried to access the rtsp:// stream. Here’s the log:

      # /home/rtspsvr

      [5754534c][RTSP] main: renice -n -1 -p 5403 ok!
      _MediaDataGetNewFrame: ch 0 fail
      _MediaDataGetNewFrame: ch 0 fail
      _MediaDataGetNewFrame: ch 0 fail

      [57545361][RTSP] handleCmd_DESCRIBE: get new sps fail _MediaDataGetNewFrame: ch 0 fail
      _MediaDataGetNewFrame: ch 0 fail
      [57545368][RTSP] DispatchPrintMsg: Print msg length is -4=<0
      terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
      what(): std::bad_alloc
      _MediaDataGetNewFrame: ch 0 fail

      • After I applied this telnet command:
        # cp /tmp/hd1/test/rtspsvrM /home/rtspsvr

        …I rebooted the camera and then it worked fine. (Have only tried once though).

    • Hi ATH,

      I must confess that i didn´t understand how you make RTSP works with I installed that last firmware automatically and i´m able to do telnet for it. But i couldn´t find anything about RTSP. There is nothing at /home/rt*.

      As far as i know, there is no 1.8.6.* firware with RTSP capable, write? What am i doing wrong?



  • Hi,

    I have purchased an international version (sorry not your original intent of your posting but I need some advice if allow me).

    After I did the setup, the camera said “WiFi is connected” and after 30 seconds it prompted again “QR code is invalid, please reset the camera”.

    I checked the log file get following error:
    req_info=https://api.us.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/on_line?hmac=(long text…)%3D&seq=9&uid=(…long text)&password=(…long text)&version={“p2p_encrypt”:”true”}
    [/home/cloud][6/5/20:23:58:177]: SUCCESS! cloud_send_server_connect_msg snd OK!
    [/home/cloud][6/5/20:23:58:180]: now do bindkey
    [/home/cloud][6/5/20:23:58:180]: cmd=/home/cloudAPI -c 137 -key 6OGIJaw6gTSCh05D -keySec ViJlpFsKrbQ4f45V -url https://api.us.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/qr_bind -uid 6ZFBMGPRK1H4E4GL111A
    [/home/cloud][6/5/20:23:59:448]: req_info=https://api.us.xiaoyi.com/v4/ipc/qr_bind?hmac=xwqmzvcQDjf6jOKAuF%2B8UDotYcU%3D&seq=9&uid=(…long text)&bindkey=6OGIJaw6gTSCh05D&timestamp=1465158238
    {“code”:”20219″}curl_easy_perform() failed: Couldn’t resolve host name

    This is beyond topic … hope you can drop some comments.
    Otherwise need to return the hardware.

  • Thanks WonderMan !

    I think you are right on the issue.

    My problem is that I have already setup few China version camera with my cell phone using the Chinese APP and firmware.

    So when I got the international version hardware, I install the Mi Home (instead of Yi Home) APP using a separate new Mi account in the setup. However, the new camera keep get the error.

    I have even tried uninstalling the Chinese version APP from my cell phone…hope this will remove any setup which could upset the new hardware. This does not help too.

    The last try is to get another Android device to test the setup. If it is still having the problem, I would suspect they even doing some checking on your router (feel crazy of having such thought).

    Will report back on the further testing.

    Thanks again !

    • Finally, I got the new US version camera working with the N.A. version APP work.

      I have a Chinese version hardware and Chinese version APP working happily with my cell phone.
      Then I bought a second one of US hardware version and the camera refusing the connection to server
      after successfully connected to the WiFi.

      I have tried to uninstalled the Chinese APP and replace with the US APP from Google play but the
      symptom persists. I guess because the old configuration which is point to the Beijing server
      is remaining even after the uninstall. Also, I need both China server and US server to work for
      two different hardware.

      I come up the idea of creating a second user account in the cell phone for the US APP. Also, I need a new Yi Home account as well for the North America Yi Home server to login.

      Now the new camera is working happily with the new N.A. APP.

      Therefore, in order to use mixed hardware, you have to switch between two user account in your
      cell phone – each account using different server.

      Hope this experience can help someone of same situation.

      • So you can actually use a CN camera with a US app?
        If that is the case we should be able to use CN cameras without having to download chinese version of YI home or MI home apps.

        • No, CN camera has to use CN APP in the cell phone.

          What I did is install CN APP in one Android account and install US APP in another Android account in order to go around the conflicts of different setup.

          The hardware for CN market has to use the CN APP.

      • can you explain how you do it, i have same problem. one camera is running chinese app working fine… new one is international, tried to use another android account but situation is dame.. invalid qr code…

        • I still have the chinese app and it works okay along with the north american app together. The chinese app works with my old 720p camera and the 1080p chinese (second gen). The 1080p camera gen 2 stopped working as of December 8th. The only trick is that the chinese app I have the MI-Login and I chose China as the region. I also have the dome camera, but that works only with the mi-app in the google play, along with the old 720p chinese camera (but 1080p can’t be paired here with the mi-app).
          To summarize it all:
          Use the Chinese app with the chinese camera and mi-login.
          Use the google play store app with the international version and the YI login.

  • Does anybody know how to get rid of the YI watermark logo (bottom left corner of video feed)?

  • Can someone post a link for working cn app for 720pxiaomiip camera.. For ios and androind.. Ineedit badly.. Thank you

    Till now i cant login error network plrase restart,

    Any ody have same loginissue on cn apps what version?

  • HI,

    well done with your job,

    but can say we can i change serial number?

  • I’m having no luck getting any firmware to work. I keep getting the ‘ready to connect’ and then ‘wifi password failed’ messages in english.

    I’m currently on as stated in Version file in a log*.tar.gz on the root of my SD card.

    What’s going wrong? Can I set the wifi passwords via a script?

  • Hi,
    I’m also unable to use my new yi camera in India.

    1. I tried pairing with mi home app (my mi account logged in), idk whether firmware got upgraded or not, but i heard in english, “cannot be used outside china”.

    2. I downloaded a 7.5 MB “Home” file, from yandex site to microsd card. (read some blog to fix this problem).

    3. Tried resetting with pin from behind camera, tried pairing with mi home app.
    orange light flashing >> scan QR code >> blue flashing, 99% pairing on app >> unable to connect.

    I’m a newbie, idk telnet, rtsp etc…

    Should i manually flash some russian pre-cracked firmware, mentioned on this page, if yes >> how to do it manually ?

    If no,
    Kindly help me how to check installed firmware version, without pairing the camera, & help me in using this camera in India !

    • Can you check to see if camera is on your local network and has been assigned an IP yet?

      If so then you should be able to telnet into it with `telnet 192.168.*.*` and using the login details user: root pw: 1234qwer

      Once you’ve successfully logged in to the camera via telnet, run `cat /home/version’ — I think that’s the correct file — and you’ll get a few lines of text including the version of firmware you’re running.

  • Worked for me. Thank you

    I have two Cameras with the latest firmware. The first camera connects without issues…the second kept giving the message “This camera can only be used in China”. I was able to use your steps to telnet into the 2nd camera and fix it. Just in case, I applied thesame fix to the 1st Camera.

  • 1. Yi Home app (international)
    2. FW version:
    3. telnet and ftp is working RSTP is no working
    3.0 I followed the instructions to change .com to .con in that string
    4. camera connects to wifi (solid blue light) but pairing fails on app (the camera keeps says something in chinese i guess its says use the chinese app)
    5. I cannot install the chinese app (after i download the apk it says app not installed, yes it set the “install from other source” enabled)
    6. i gathered the logs from /tmp/log.txt, it first shows .cox when connecting to cloud then after sometime it again shows.com

    The logs are below (pls bear with my ignorance of how to upload a file)
    … removed .. too long ….

    • [/home/cloud][6/11/14:34:47:850]: req_info=https://api.xiaoyi.com/v4/tnp/on_line?hmac= danger danger danger dangerxx%3D&seq=9&uid=yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy&version= {“data”:{“License”:””,”InitString”:””,”DID”:””},”code”:”20000″}

      Your camera is online and works fine. Use the MiHome app to connect.
      International version will not connect to the Chinese version.

  • Wasantha Weerawarna


    I am trying to get telnet access cos none of the other options helped me in anyway to make this camera work outside China. But when i tried the given “equip_test.sh” file stored in a micros sd with any firmware, (even 1.8.5K) soon after power in connected, it stays with orange light steady without doing anything. with this firmware, i can follow the pairing process untill i gives me wifi password error.

    Can someone help me with a guide/resources in getting access to the camera via telnet/ssh. appreciate very much. have 3 cameras, none works with the original firmware that came with.

    • I would recommend you do this…
      First format your micro sd (look the parameters you must set, fat32, etc) then put the home from (http://xiaoyi.querex.be/, reset the camera (hold at least 8-10 sec) then let it go (all without the card), when it’s done, turn off and put the prepared micro sd… turn on and let it update (downgrade) to this firmware… then access with the original CN version of yi home (from here: http://app.mi.com/detail/75646), let it go until it seems to turn off… then look at Fing (android) and verify if the camera has an ip address, try to telnet… if it’s ok you can update to latest version (from micro sd, not over the air) and telnet will still be there but when it updates it will shout “not used within China” and you can telnet and use the solution to let it work again… ok? To much info? Confused? Sorry, it’s really easier than it seems, i’ve noticed that when you downgrade to you can connect to wifi and telnet or even update to this russian patched firmware… you may try and be sucessful, hope you find peace.

  • Did nobody make the last version patched version of this for download?

  • hello! I just bought an yi smart camera CN version, manufactured on 08.04.2016. What can I do to make it work? I have tried to downgrade.. I seeno image on my phone. I have a message “Fail to connect camera, please retry later.(-10). I don’t understand telnet term, or how to use it. I just know is aolder solution to acces the internet.. Please help me. Thanks!

  • its work fine on my china version! updated to latest firmware!

    Many thanks for sharing this method!

  • Thanks Gustavo the firmware From 4PDA.ru it’s working, my camera update to CN and after update camera turn off and keep saying this camera only worked in china, I try to downgrade firmware from and it’s not working and try L,M,N too but this firmware work, many thanks..


    Just update to this firmware and you’re go to go… it’s for Xiaomi Yi 720p Night mode…

  • Is there any way to disable firmware update check ?

  • Is there a prepackaged update for version C like krikri posted that worked great for me.

  • Hello,
    Just a doubt. It is possible to change china firm to a International firm??? I want to use the YiHome app (now I use MIHome) because you can update.
    I download de international firm here: http://www.xiaoyi.com/home/firmware/index_us.html?version=
    But I cannot change the firmware.
    Now Chinese people star to sell YIHome cameras with international firm.
    Chinese people are the Kings copying things and as a hacker and then they sell cameras that we cannot change the firm.

    • Daniel-from-Germany

      I am angry too. I buy the China app in an early moment to support xiaomi and now I see this Video that Google play store App and mi-app has different options.

      See here:

      Is it not possible to change the international Firmware to run on a chinese cam? Is the hardware the same or not?

      Greetings by Daniel-from-Germany

  • Hi…i am running yi home app 2.10 with firmware 1851… its all working fine. Should i update the app of firmware? If so, please tell me why… and whats the difference.

  • I’m using version Camera CN
    It used its motion sensor is very sensitive, even bat through just a warning.
    But now insensitive, even there are some moments that are missed, are not recorded.
    I try to update to version still does not solve the problem.
    Is there a solution to this problem? For a more sensitive detection mention again?

  • I’m using version
    It used its motion sensor is very sensitive, even bat through just a warning.
    But now insensitive, even there are some moments that are missed, are not recorded.
    I try to update to version still does not solve the problem.
    Is there a solution to this problem?
    For a more sensitive detection mention again?

    • I’m using the on chinese camera, and agree there are momvements not recorded. Would be great if can set the sensitiviy level and also hide zones.

  • This time I will share my experience using xiaoyi cam (china version). After I made a few days, the camera is running normally. Before pop up firmware update and then appear upgrade notifications. and involuntarily I press the firmware upgrade. Finally, my camera can not be used. After searching in many forums, I found a way.

    Please note :

    1. Turn off the camera YI ant release sd card
    2. Restart the camera and press the reset button on the back
    3. Insert sd card to the computer and format with firmware version FAT32
    4. Download type china version https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B32Vxpi0vPLCZkdXcVA1QmpBRDQ/view
    5. Then extract and copy the files to the sd card that already in format
    6. Shut down camera and insert the sd card that is in the file contents
    7. Turn on camera and wait 5 minutes, camera flashes yellow then amber and finally blinks amber back
    8. Then came the song and language china
    9. Camera completed in downgrade and connect with your app as usual YI

  • I notice there are two patch version of firmware by 4pda.ru, one is date 22.03.2016 another is 14.04.2016. Anyone know what the different between this two patched firmware? I assume latest date is better?

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